Pre-Employment Screening

We live in a very litigious society. The courts have upheld that employers are obligated to investigate the background and credentials of all potential employees. Background research can reduce your risk of violent crime in the work place and protect you from expensive drawn out litigation.

The following is an example of the services we offer:

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Employers can minimize their exposure to claims by conducting thorough reference and background investigations. - Workforce Magazine
Pre-Employment Screening Stats
  • 52% of Resumes have inconsistencies.
  • 44% have derogatory credit history.
  • 31% have one or more driving violations or convictions.
  • 10% have filed Worker's Compensation claim.
  • 5% have a criminal history.
  • 3.5% have tested positive for drug use.
  • The cost of recruiting, hiring, training and then terminating ONE employee can exceed $10,000.00.

Source: ADP Hiring Index, Infolink 1/2004